About Marc Stogaitis

I like to work on personal projects on weekends for fun and to learn new things. That's what this site is about. 

Machine Learning

  • My dad and I have spent the last 22 years learning about machine learning by applying it to different games, focusing on chess. It started out as vb6 & c++. These days, it focuses Java and TensorFlow in python. For example, I've been implementing a version of Alpha Zero for chess.
  • Github link with some small experiments applying reinforcement learning to OpenAi Gym (sorry, most of my code is in a private repository but I do try to post interesting bits in the public github from time to time).

Android Apps

  • Punch Corona (Alpha): A workout game where you get to beat up the corona virus. It uses machine learning to track your movements using your computer's camera. No data ever leaves your device to preserve your privacy.
  • DontTouchFace.com: Combines the front-facing camera on your computer or phone with machine learning to warn you when you touch your face.
  • Celebrity Look-alike: Find out which celebrities look like you.
  • Doodlecast for Chromecast: A fun drawing game for your Chromecast that you can play as a group.
  • Gmote: Turns your phone into a remote control for your computer, allowing you to start and control movies and music at a distance.
  • PicLearn French and PicLearn Chinese: Helps you learn french and Mandarin Chinese in a fun and visual way. Learn new words with pictures and sounds. Perfect your pronunciation through the use of voice recognition.


I'm a Principal Software Engineer at Google. I'm on the Android team and work on the following projects:


You can reach me at marcsto@gmail.com